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Property Management


property management services

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Tenant screening reports
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Rent collecting
  • Financial reporting

CHA Residential Services provides an array of property management services including the following:

Repairs and Maintenance – CHA Residential Services will periodically observe the condition of residences using the Homeowner’s preferred vendor list to coordinate repairs and service of the home(s).

Tenant Screening Reports – CHA Residential Services makes every effort to ensure that your property is leased to qualified tenants who meet qualifying applicant standards. Interested prospects are screened and approved by the Homeowner before lease is signed. A report will be submitted to the Homeowner of prospective tenants who meet qualifying applicant standards. The Homeowner will review the applicant’s report and make the final selection. CHARS is Fair Housing certified and compliant to its guidelines.

Marketing and Advertising – Included in our services, we also handle marketing and advertising to promote your property. With CHA Residential Services, we minimize your workload while working towards maximizing your profits.

Rent Collection – Are you weary of dealing with tenants? Worry no more, because landlord responsibilities are taken over by our management company. Rent collection, disbursement and reporting are among our services.

Financial Reporting – At CHA Residential Services we understand that your property is your investment. We provide regular financial reports of activities involving your property. We document property income and expenses so you, as the property owner, are aware of the finances associated with the management of your property.

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